Sex with Neighbours Part 2

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Sex with Neighbours Part 2

After the weekend of sex with Jane and Jenna, i was discovering that i was horny all the time and Jenna and I were having sex at every opportunity and finally, we became a couple. Both our parents had realised that we had become a couple and so did our friends, but none of them knew about our /wild/wild-sex/">wild sex. 

As the weeks went by Jenna started being friends with a girl called Jess, from the school we went to. They became closer, to the point they were talking about their sexual experiences. Jess had a boyfriend called Mike, who was in our class. I didnt really know him that well but Jenna was finding out a lot about him and his sexual activity with Jess. Jenna and Jess then decided that we should all meet up together for a game of cards to hang out. 

They decided that the next Friday night we would all go to Jennas place to play cards. Later that day Jenna and Jess told Mike and I about the Friday night plans to play cards together and we all agreed to meet then. Friday arrived and we all went to Jennas house. Jane and her parents had gone out of town to visit a friend and wouldnt be home until morning so the house was left to ourselves. 

Jess arrived with Mike and for the /first-time/">first time i realised how beatuiful she actually was. She had long /blonde/">blonde hair, her tits were bigger then Jennas, probably a D cup and they suited her thin body well and she had an incredable smile. They both came in and sat down and we started playing cards. After a few goes Jenna said "this is boring, why dont we make it more interesting and play strip". The rules were to be that the person who comes last in each game would strip and we would continue until there was a winner, being the only person with clothing left on.

We all started with 5 pieces of clothing. For Mike and me it was shoes, socks, shirt, pants and boxers and for the girls socks, shirt, pants, bra and panties. We strated the game and I got off to a /bad/">bad start. Within minutes i lost four straight games and only had my boxers on and was struggling to hide my semi erect cock. Jenna was down to her bra and panties. Mike had lost his shirt while Jess only lost her socks. The game continued and Mike lost and was like me, down to his boxers. Jess lost the next 2 games and we were all down to underware and we all knew what would happen if we lost the next game. 

At the end of the next game Jenna lost and slowly uncliped her bra and let it fall free. Her tits looked amazing and perky and i could tell she was horny because her nipples looked very hard. We continued playing but Mike was very distracted looking at Jennas tits and ended up losing. Mike got up and let his boxers fall to the ground. His /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock was standing up at its full length of about 6 inchs long. Mike was so turned on he started masturbating while both girls started rubbing their pussys through their panties and were noticably horny at the sight of Mikes hard cock. 

Now that Mike was out, it was down to the three of us. But that didnt last long as Jenna lost the next game. Jenna was so horny she had her panties down in a flash and was playing with her bushy pussy, while Mike stroked his cock. I knew i had to win the next game to avoid getting naked and i managed to win. Jess unclipped her bra and let her /tits/big-tits/">big tits free. They looked amazing as they swung free with /nipples/hard-nipples/big-hard-nipples/">big hard nipples sticking out. Then we started the last game, and Jess won. I pulled down my boxers and let my 7 inchs of cock out. 

Now the game was over i ask "what are we going to do now?" and Jenna replied "i need to get off so bad". Jess said that she needed to get off to and dropped her panties to the ground and showed off her shaved pussy. I said to Jenna "i need some sex now" and Jenna replied "lets make this interesting, lets swap partners". With that Jenna grabbed Mikes cock and started sucking away. I then xxx sex video download free com took the lead and told Jess to lay down. I spread her legs and started eating out her pussy. 

It wasnt long until Mike started to cum and filled Jennas mouth with his cum. Jenna then demanded he eat her out. Mike needed no invitation and immediately started. Meanwhile Jess was moaning louder and louder and finally started screaming as she orgasmed for me. Her juices were flowing out, then she pushed me to the floor and started sucking on my cock. 

By now Jenna was so horny that she had three orgasms close together as Mike ate her out. Then she yelled "put that /cock/big-cock/">big cock in my pussy Mike". Mike grabbed her legs and shoved his cock into her pussy and rammed it in and out as hard and fast as he could. Both Jenna and Mike were screaming as they were both approaching orgasm.

Jesss expert tongue was doing an amazing job and i shot sexxxx video ful hd my first losd of /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-her-mouth/">cum in her mouth. I layed back in a daze as Jess grabbed my cock and lowered herself on it. Her pussy was so warm and tighter then Jennas and it felt so good. As we went harder and faster our moans got louder and louder as Jesss tits bounced more and more.

Jenna and Mike had be going for a while and Jenna had already had another two orgasms when Mike yelled as he felt his orgasm approaching. He pulled his cock out and shot his load into Jennas mouth. They both fell to the floor in exhaustion. 

Meanwhile, Jess was still bouncing on my dick screaming as she had another orgasm. Just after her orgasm i screamed as i started to feel my cum flowing down the shaft of my cock. Jess yelled "/pussy/pussy-cum/cum-in-my-pussy/">cum in my pussy. I want to feel your /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum inside me" and with that i shot my load deep in her pussy. I looked up to see my cum leaking out from her pussy as we looked at eachother in exhaustion.

Both Jess and I fell onto of eachother and we all went to sleep. We all woke up early the next morning to hear Jennas parents coming home. We all quickly dressed and left through the back door giving them no idea of what had happened overnight.