My swinging sister

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My swinging sister

Carrie and I have had many fun and kinky encounters since the staff /party/">party where her boss who had been chasing her for months finally seduced her and showed her a new way of looking at life. I fucked the boss’s wife right beside her as we moved from young marital virgins to swingers hungry for more. Carrie’s /friend/best-friend/">best friend’s husband caught her eye, so she helped me seduce Sue so she could fuck Eric. Our life turned from Okay to sublime with one kiss of a clit. But our present fling is the kinkiest yet, and the most fun.

We have been swinging for over four years. We have made most of our contacts by simply seducing friends and work mates, but we also like to scan the swinger sites. We find that just going by the volume of ads, the number of sites, etc, that there must be a good percentage of the population involved or interested in swinging. This knowledge has made us a lot bolder in putting the make on couples who didn’t even know they were swingers until after we fucked them. But the best thing with web sites is locating partners in another town or even country if something else take us that way. We don’t mind a hotel, but we would rather share their /master/">master bedroom with some new friends.

So a month ago, when we were planning to visit my sister and her husband out on the coast, we contacted a really nice looking couple not far from their address, thinking it would be nice to have some diversion from the family and also give them a break from us. We wrote back and forth for a couple weeks before the trip, and it seemed that we were really in for a hot time. In fact, we even went a couple days early to fuck the new couple before we had to check in with my sister. We were really turned on by their pictures, and took extra hot ones of us to E-mail back to them.
We hadn’t been to the town before, but it was easy to find the address, and we knocked on the door randy and ready. The guy who opened in was my brother-in-law.

’Hey!!, Wow!!, you guys are a couple days early!! Come in, come in. I’ll call Mary. Hey Mary, your brother is here.’
Mary came bustling in, dressed in just a bathrobe. WE hugged all around, then it dawned on me.
’Are you expecting company? Someone who’s handle is hotpussy? We came to meet firemaiden.’
Mary gasped, ’I’m firemaiden.’

I stared along with the rest. ’You have great tits, sister firemaiden.’ Then all four of us broke up with the absurdity of the situation. If just one of us had sent a pic without the face blurred it wouldn’t have happened. Mary saucily opened her robe to show us the lacy thing she had intended to greet her new lover in, then left to put on something more modest. So instead of a couple days of /wild/wild-sex/">wild sex before a week with relatives, we had nine days with relatives.
It wasn’t going to be /bad/">bad, though. We had lots to talk about. All four had always got on well and the day went well. We might have made it, except a name was mentioned of a couple who had moved to town recently and Mary and Al had met them. They had come from our area, and it turned out to be swinging friends of ours. It was Sue and Eric. Carrie had helped me seduce Sue when they worked together, and Eric was easy after that.

’So you are fucking Sue,’ Carrie teased Al. ’That’s good. Its takes a lot of man to handle Sue. Sam had a weekend with her once and he couldn’t touch me until Tuesday.’
’That would be Sue, all right.’ Al acknowledged, ’And I imagine you and Mary can share many good stories about Eric.’
The conversation ebbed and flowed. It was never far from sex, because that was a favourite topic for all of us. But we all knew it might be easier if the talk didn’t get too ripe. We went out to dinner, but didn’t go for drinks. I think Mary didn’t want anyone to get too playful, so it was still early when we got back to the house. Carrie was dressed to kill. She had hoped to give a good first impression to a guy she was going to fuck, and Al could be excused if he was a bit blown away watching her ass doing things with her pants. When he mentioned how hot she looked, it was almost reflex that she struck a pose for him, and it was almost reflex for him to reach out and run a hand down her bum and squeeze a thigh.

’Can I think about you when I’m fucking Mary tonight? It wont be the same though. Damn, I sure was hot for your /sweet/">sweet little body.’
’If it comes to that, I was hot for you. That looks like a really fun cock.’ Carrie held the hand that still gripped her thigh, ’It feels like you’re still hot for me. After the pics we made just for you, you fucking better be.’

Al slid his hand back up her ass and found her bare back, ’I hope you’re still hot for me, too. Even if we can’t fuck, we can dream.’
’Now you two settle down.’ Mary smiled, ’Sam and I were just as hot for each other as either of you.’
’Just thinking out loud, ’Al mused. ’We both smudged our faces for the pictures. Couldn’t you put on masks and fuck anyway?’
’Nice try, husband, but I think we would know.’

Al had to agree, but he was slow to take his hand off Carrie, and she made no move to speed him up. When we sat down, they sat together on the couch, and Al pulled one of her knees over his and slowly kneaded her knee and lower thigh. After a few minutes when thing seemed to have settled down, Mary went to make a pot of coffee. She was bustling in the kitchen and it sounded like she was throwing together some snacks, so I went in to give her a hand. We found some bickies, poured the coffee and returned to our spouses, still talking on the couch.

Not exactly talking, though. Carrie was moaning, her breast in Al’s mouth, and both hands pulling him tighter. Mary stopped and said nothing. I took the tray from her and quietly set it on a sideboard as we both watched the hot couple on the couch. Now they were kissing, Al still kneading a breast, and as we watched Carrie straddled his lap so he could have both tits while she groped his pants. I think the only person hotter than either of them was me, just watching.

I pulled Mary back to the kitchen to regroup. We could still milf porn videos hear Carrie making sex sounds, and knew it would be painful to put a stop to their sport. Mary shifted her gaze nervously between my face and the bulge in my pants. I watched her moisten her lips with her tongue and realized how dry mine were. I put my arms around her and pulled her close.
’You really do have a fabulous body, sis,’ I ground her tits into my chest. Mary stiffened, but made no resistance. ’How many men have you fucked?’
Mary giggled, ’Lots and lots. I don’t know, maybe fifty. How many girls have you fucked?’
’About the same, I guess. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve done? Have you had a gang bang?’
’Of course. A gang bang is over-rated, but a girl has to try it, doesn’t she? How about you? What have you done that is over the edge?’
’I fucked a young girl just a month short of her thirteenth birthday. I still fuck her now she’s sixteen. Carrie and her get it on too.’

Mary had turned to face me, her eyes and mouth open in astonishment. I smiled down at her, ’Makes you and me fucking seem, well, not so kinky, doesn’t it?’
Mary didn’t say anything, but continued to look into my face as I slid my hands under her top and found her breasts. Her mouth opened to say something, but closed and her eyes closed too as I played with her nipples. She started when she felt my lips brush hers, then she kissed me back.
’And you know, sis, you did say in the e-mail you couldn’t wait to blowjob porn videos get my cock in you and make me cum like I’ve never cum before.’
’Ooooh, I did say that, didn’t I? Do you think that’s the way it will work?’

I led Mary back to the others, but they had moved to the bedroom. I started that way, but Mary held back, so I took her to the overstuffed couch our spouses had warmed up for us. I pulled my sister onto my lap like Carrie had straddled Al, and we kissed wildly as I fondled her tits and she groped for my boner. We paused to rip our tops off, and sis took a moment to show off her /tits/big-tits/">big tits to me, at least double petite little Carrie. Then we stood and she watched silently as I let my pants fall and released my raging hard-on. I waved it at her in a playfully threatening manner. Then she stood and did the same for me, flashing the shaved pussy that I had been so taken with in our correspondence.
We stood just for a moment looking at each other.
’Did you really fuck a 18 year old with that monster?’
’She was almost thirteen, and I didn’t use all of it at first’
’Am I going to get it all?’
’Can you handle it?’

Mary grasped my cock and, sitting on the edge of the couch, drew me to her until I was kneeling between her knees. My cock touched her labia and rubbed up and down, then my sister rocked her pelvis up and captured me, and we came together with a wonderfully warm, wet, tight, squish. I was as hot as I had ever been. Al was making wild noises of cumming down the hall, and Carrie was also in full chorus. I murmured to Mary that I might be a bit quick, and she said, ’OH, good.’

Then I was fucking into the goddess I had come to fuck and she was grooving on the cock she had been wanting for weeks. But I never let go of the delicious knowledge that I was /sister/sister-fuck/fucking-my-sister/">fucking my sister who I had often peeked at when we were growing up, but had never taken beyond a few sneak feels. My little vixen sister had to be doing the same thing. As she climbed the ladder she kept calling me Vee, her childhood name for me. Then my sister was getting my cum in big squirts, ramming her tongue into my mouth each time I rammed her cunt, and when I was so high I could only tremble as I pressed the bottom of her pussy, she sucked my tongue wildly like she was trying to get more cum that way. ’OOOoooh!! Yeeesssss, Al!!!’ echoed down the hall, and even in our own /ecstasy/">ecstasy we chuckled, and I could feel her chuckle in her cunt, and she got a few more strokes as a reward. Then she wouldn’t let me stop as the plateau she was on began building to another peak. Even as I pumped into her I managed to get her laying on the couch and I had the added pleasure of feeling her legs around me. We fucked for a quarter hour or more, sometimes resting between her cums, then taking it up again. I think we were both reluctant to end it in case it didn’t start again. Then I was tingling again and the world went mad, the world at that point being my cock and my sister Mary’s cunt, a duet rising to a final crescendo before the final baton dropped and there was only breathless silence and peace in the auditorium.

A gentle hand rubbed my comatose back. ’I’m glad you guys aren’t mad at us for fucking. We were just too horny.’ There was a nasty little giggle, ’I should have known a letch who fucked a 18 year old couldn’t keep his cock out of a hot tamale like Mary.’
’I’m glad we have eight more days. I’m not through with this stud bunny,’ Mary’s voice was muffled by her own hair. I lifted off her slowly, letting her husband and my wife watch as my half-mast cock slowly pulled free of Mary’s dripping pussy.
’I’m so happy to hear that. I was afraid that once the tension was gone you might rethink and call it too kinky to do again. But if you do now I’ll just rape you and say you asked for it......And I have witnesses who will hold you for me.’
’Asshole brother!!, Me needing to be held for a stiff prick? Me, the hot bimbo who tricked Al into bed with a friend so I could fuck her husband? Its you who are going to get raped.’
’I made it pretty easy to be tricked,’ Al protested, ’Did you really fuck a 18 year old?’
’Actually, a 18 year old fucked me.’

And so on. The evening just got mellower. We fucked again soon, Carrie applauding as Mary lowered her pussy onto my cock, then fending off Al so they could watch us bring each other to climax, then in our quiet time we watched then invent new ways to pleasure each other. The following day when I was fucking Mary we were vaguely aware the lights were a bit bright, but later we were treated to a /videos/good-video/">good video of me pounding into Mary doggie, her /tits/huge-tits/">huge tits threatening to do damage to both themselves and her face as they reacted to my thrusts. We fucked at least once a day for the rest of the long week. In the end, two boys were weak. The rental car hadn’t been driven more than a couple times in nine days, but it was worth it not to have to make the long drive home.

Will we do it again?. Damn right. It would be easy to say no now, but not realistic. We like each other as siblings, so we will see each other, and even now I get hot thinking about her.