Visit Home Boy was I suprised

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Visit Home Boy was I suprised

 At 16 I was shamed out of school by a Boy who dated me on a dare.

He was to date the PIG of the sophmore class and Record the sex for posterity. I fell Hook Line and "sausage"for this wellheeled kreep.
He was so good at sex I didn't suspect he was faking it just for the game.I had been -laid- four times in five years. A cousin, I still had a good wholesome relationship with,as a cousin. A camp crush in church camp,He never wrote(neither did I). My best friends older brother , He was TEACHING us ( At our request) to recive GOOD oral,it evolved into a four hour feast in the park on a sunny day with my friend getting her first orgasm from an Out Side sourse(ME) then her virginity 'Regulated'(By Him) and her tenth orgasm BOS(ME again).

The fourth was a mystery, I went to the River to cry out my " TEEN" heart one night and a nice older man with a hooded sweat shirt came by and listened to me for several hours then held me in the warm moonlight while I undressed to SHOW him how ugly my body was. I ask him to JIGGLE my fat tummy and as he did I came down his arm in gushes of liquiidy gooie slime. He laid with me and complimented my positive aspects untill daylight I was 14 and 9months old but his expert ways drew eleven fantastic climaxes from me with a penis I could hide with my closed fist.

Then Paul Gappel the Quarter back KING took me to the drive in and had me in the back seat before the previews were over and xnxxv sunny leone video three more times befor the 11:00 curfew I was on. He went out with me 7 times that month including my 16 the at my house and sneaked back into my bedroom to spend the night with me after the . him leaving in the morning but didn't 'rat' him out to DAD or anyone but me. Then a freshman girl told my sister about a video tape his brother had been watching with his buddies , It looked like me and Paul. She got us a copy and my life ended with a crash,as soon as Paul looked up into the lens from his back seat and made a distastefull face after finishing me orally in the first session at the movie, 35 times he made silent comments and gestures into the well handled EXPENSIVE** Mini-cam. Even My bedroom had a peep hole shot from outside(he opened the curtains).Worse than that he wrote notes to the camera on my computer paper ,in black marker, to gode his buddies about the bet and how much more he should get for lowering himself to do these things for a lousy 100 bucks.

I could have pressed charges ,but we couldn't keep enough good groceries on the table as it was so a lawyer to chalange one of the Wealthiest families in the County was useless. Besides the Shame of finding out Ten copies were going around the city for all to see thetape titled " PORKER PIMPLE POPPER in PURPLE" (I had picked at my face when he was out of the car with his friends once)I wore Lavender Cotton Briefs the . Then I tried to SEXY it up on later dates with thongs that were laughable and Hip Huggers that dissappeared into my fat folds to look like a string . I masterbated my self for him twice and him nearly every session. Blows and Face cums were common as part of his ROUTINE. But the sodomy scean was the worst. it looked like HE was holding the camera himself. It was sitting on my back bumping with us in his ramming assult up my sore little bum.(I hated it)He even spanked me in a playfull gesture like a polo pony,Then Fed me link sausages like treats to a DOG as I licked his nasty period soaked penis and kissed his marijunia swelled tits.

Here I was rolling down the Road, Three Hundred miles ,to slip in on the folks for Thanksgiving. They thought I was going to Aunt Goldies (I had left ,mad at them too, we seldom spoke)Now nearly three years later I was going to be there to greet them with fresh coffee in their cup just real forced anal against her will like the Folgers Commercial. My national guard unit was completed in our Summer Exersizes and sent home early to Deploy to Turkey on 1-Dec so I wanted to say Bye in person and Kiss my Mommie. I cried as I drove in my nipple pasties and panties with a Throw on dashikei for fuel stops.Truckers went NUCKIN" FUTZS to look in on me and wave or propisition me with hand signs. I blew them a kiss and zoomed off in my '67 classic ShelB'TANG.

My Sargent was shipped out last May and we had a drawing to see who would take over HUGE payments on the Show Preped "must-kel kar" I won and got refinanced to 123.56 a month, Exactly my guard pay at the time.

I worked civilian as a Nutri-Tech at SPA-FAH a training Camp for Elite athelets. My School of Nutriopathic Sciences got me the job to finance my Doctorate studies at ND state U. I loved it now ,as a Arobics Director and Trainer to the Rich Bitchs That I took out my hatred of Paul on every session. I left 10th grade as 253 lbs of 44-46-42 5'7" rusty mouse hair and no chin only pimples from my hairline to my nipples and from my pubes to my knees,Festering butt boils were common spoilers of my white heavey cotton bloomers.I wore no bra because I had no tits to put in a cup, just two gray spots and thumb sized bulbs that were always poking out.I loved people and every animal that Creator ever made except humans one at a time.
Now the truckers looked in on a 38 chest divided by 6" of upright cleavage.