Mr Bradlys Office

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Mr Bradlys Office

I knew that as I drove slowely along the road, minutes were ticking by. It was already three o'clock and I had still not found Mr. Bradly his fuck buddy for the evening. I knew that if I didn't, I'd be his partner. I had done that once before, on my first day. It was quite an experience. One filled with pleasure but even more pain. Anyone who has experienced Mr. Bradly doesn't want to go back in a hurry so, as my job was, I had to find a partner for every evening.

I spotted somebody who looked promising. He was a white guy standing at a /bus/">bus station. His eyes and hair were dark. He was quite slender and looked to be in his early twenties. I pulled up. After exchanging words, he agreed to take a ride. I told him I was a modeling scout and asked if he'd like to swin by our office. He said sure and I relaxed, knowing that today was taken care of.

An hour later, I sat at my desk outside Mr. Bradly's office. Inside, I could hear the kid - Todd - yelling. I could hear Todd being slammed in the ass against Mr. Bradley's desk. I tried not to think of Mr. Bradly's foot long rod inside the guy. I continued filing. I could hear the banging getting harder and harder, Todd yelling louder and louder. Then it slowed and stopped. Todd let out a loud moan of pain and then it became silent. About fifteen minutes later, the door opened. Todd emerged, limping. He moved towards the door, clutching an envelope full of twenties. He avoided eye contact with me and went out the door and on his way. He was flushed and looked exausted.

The next day, I was out again on search for a partner. As I did this, I thought about how peculiar my job was - find someone for my boss to seduce and fuck painfully, who would make a video of bokep sma pecah perawan the entire episode - filmed from a hidden camera. It wasn't a very honest job but it paid alright and I got to leave the office fore a few hours a day, scouting.

I looked over and saw a candidate standing at the corner. He was latino, tallish with dark skin and a muscular body. He was a day worker. I pulled up and told him I had a job for him. He hoped into the car. He hardly spoke any /english/">english but I spoke some Spanish and communicated to him that my boss had a job for him to do. We rode in silence. He looked to be in his mid twenties. He was actually quite hot. I wished it were me who was getting him. We pulled up to the building and we got out, he walked ahead of me which was nice. I could see his nice, firm butt ahead of me.

Only twenty minutes later, I listened as the guy, Carlos, was given full force into his /butts/tight-butt/">tight butt. I couldn't resist the temptation. I tapped into the camera via my computer and stopped working to watch. I could see Carlos's face, a look of pain accross it. Carlos had great abbs and a strong chest. He had also nice bicepts which flinched with every bang. Carlos was clearly in pain but wasn't yelling. I could see that his penis was becoming hard. His penis was what most people would call large but in the same room as Mr. Bradly's it was not. Mr. Bradly had short, blondish hair and was old waman xxxgx quite hot himself. Mr. Bradly seemed to be greatly enjoying this and was grinning to himself.

Mr. Bradly stopped abruptly and pulled out of Carlos who let out a big moan. He called for me. I went in where he told be to undress and help him with this. I didn't need to be asked twice. I pulled out my nice penis, about seven inches. He told me that Carlos needed something to suck on. I stood in front of Carlos who was draped over the desk. He looked up at me and then put his head over my penis and began sucking. Mr. Bradly continued into him and Carlos began to yell which was muffled by my penis. Mr. Bradly called for me to put my penis in with his and see if they would both fit. I looked down at Carlos's ass which had Mr. Bradly's penis protruding. It didn't appear that Mr. Bradly's dick fit, never mind mine. I agreed anyway and started to try and slide in. It began to get in, alongside Mr. Bradley's and Carlos began to yell louder and louder as his face turned to terror. I finally got it all the way in. I felt sorry for Carlos but this was far too enjoyable to stop. I observed Mr. Bradly's penis as it slid further inside Carlos. Then Mr. Bradly told me I better pull out. As I did, Carlos's face showed brief relief but that changed as Mr. Bradly began to thrust in and out faster. Mr. Bradly told me to get at Carlos's dick and suck itg. I was able to move Carlos away from the dest far enough to begin sucking. Carlos's big, cut penis was dark brown and was very, very hard. As I sucked, his balls smacked into my face. As I got it mostly in, his balls were pressed against my chin. His penis tasted so good!

As Mr. Bradly started to speed up, I pulled out of Carlos for fear of being smacked agins the desk. I lay under their legs and, from below was able to survey the situation. Carlos was being seriously pounded, more than usual and his tight, butt was now stretched. I reached up and began to jerk Carlos who was already on the verge of /climax/">climax. Carlos's yelling intensified to screaming as he began to cum. His cum shot out all over my face and his legs. He came rope after rope. It dribbled all over his genitals and dripped off of him. At that time, Mr. Bradly, excited by the further tightening of Carlos's ass due to his climax, also began to cum. From this viewpoint, I could now see as Carlos was filled up and as cum actually came spraying out of his ass. Now as Mr. Bradly pushed his dicki into Carlos's filled up ass, cum squirted out, landing on me. I lay there jerking my cock as I watched this, cumming also. I was in total ecstacy and moaned too. In a few moments, Mr. Bradly pulled out of Carlos who yelled as it slid out. I sat up and observed Carlos. He remained draped over the desk, unable to move. His /ass/hot-ass/">hot ass was gaping open and cum dripped down his legs. I stood up a few minutes later and went to the shower. there were two showers, one for Mr. Bradly, and one for guest(s). I went into the guest one and heard Mr. Bradly in the other. After a few minutes of showering, Carlos entered the shower room. I told him he could come in with me. He walked towards the shower in a limp.

Once in the shower, he tried to wipe off the cum. I watched him and loved looking at his hot, sexy body. I talked to him a bit. I asked where he was from and he told me he was from Mexico. I asked if he liked it and took a while to respond. He said yes, in the end. I then kneeled down and took his penis into my mouth. He smiled down at me and I started to suck, pausing to t-bag him - he loved having his ball sucked on, lightly. I then went back to his penis, deepthroating and sucking. After a few minutes of this, he came magnificently into my mouth. Hi cum tasted so /sweet/">sweet and I swallowed it all. I then wased him up for him while he stood there (including his privates and butt). After the shower, I helped him get dressed and then offeed him a ride home. In the car, he counted out his twenties and we talked very little. As he got out of the car at the train station, he handed me a piece of paper and said "again" before giving my crotch a small squeeze and getting out, slowely so I could see his butt again. He got out and walked into the station, a changed man.