Birthday suprise 24

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Birthday suprise 24

Me and the wife have been married for about 18 years. we always have kept it spicy in the bedroom. role play, telling each other fantasies, etc. One thing that got us both aroused was talking about and watching /gangbang/gangbang-movies/">gangbang movies. One day it just came to my mind why not try to see if I could arrange one for her. It was her birthday soon so I figured I would /surprise/">surprise her. after all is not like we had not talked about it so I figured she would enjoy it.

I replied to a post of a gangbang group In my area. I made sure the guys were to my wife's liking and met with them to discuss. They were all around our age and I knew that she would find them attractive. Finally the day came. It was here birthday weekend. It was a Sunday and I told her that before we had her special birthday dinner we had been invited to a friends house to watch a football game.

Being that we had done that before she did not pay it no mind. I told her to get dressed very nicely and sexy as we could go to dinner from there. She did she was very dolled up and looking amazingly attractive. We headed over there and I was one part excited and one part a nervous man. We made our way inside and i introduced her to some of the guys who were there already. She made her way through the room and chit chatted and having a few drinks along the way. the final guy arrived and sure enough she was buzzed by that time. there really was a game on that day so she did not think anything was going on.

I could tell she was having a good time. So i finally had the guys start singing happy birthday to her as i asked them to do. She was very surprised and was blushing. I then told her to close her eyes and wait for surprise. There she was in the middle of the living room with eyes closed. She then had the biggest shocked look on her face as she felt many hands start to fondle her. She had hands all over her ass tits and between her legs. she looked more and more relaxed as some of the guys started to kiss her. She knew what this was about. Not much time had gone by before her ass cheeks were getting smacked hard.

She then got her blouse and bra removed. I could tell she was really horny. Her nipples were piercing hard. She had a mouth around each one. and being kissed. As she did that they removed her dress pants. She then started down to her knees. there was my baby only down to her /thong/">thong sucking on cock left and right. i could hear her sucking and starting to moan as she was getting finger bang from behind.

This went on for a while. She was then helped to her /feet/">feet and got her panties pulled down. She was laid on the chase and they started to fuck her while she was sucking two at a time. Again feeling guilt but arousal seeing my wife getting fucked and taken turns on. She was getting loud as the took turns fucking her really hard. I could tell she was enjoying as she was telling them to fucken pound her good. She was then positioned to ride one of the guys. he fucked her just a bit then another guy positioned himself behind her. She then got all the guys attention as they pulled her her and spanked her /ass/ass-hard/">ass hard. He then entered her ass and they both started to fuck her. you can tell this sent her into orgasm after orgasm.

She moaned so loud as she was cumming. She was squirting just a bit and was getting fucked hard. Guys kept switching poitions and places. they fucked her for over an hour. Her pussy was red and puffy from all that she could handle. she eventually was placed on the floor and knew she was about to get a grand finally. they all huddled around her the wwwxxx as she was soaked in wwwxxx sweat and catching her breath. Then one after the other the began to cum all over her face. She breathed heavy as they came and came. I helped my wife who was now covered in cum to the bathroom to shower.

I asked if she enjoyed her present. She said she loved it. it was the most erotic and arousing thing i had ever seen. We both talk about it from time to time. to this day we still get aroused by that day.