Winter Holiday Surprise

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Winter Holiday Surprise

It was just 3 weeks passed after my encounter with you. I missed you a lot. Even though we kept in touch via messenger, emailing fantasies, texting naughty pictures and on the phone once in a while, but nothing is a substitute for the real thing as I still missed your smile, your laughter, your sparkling eyes, your soft touches and most of your entire arousing moan.

After managing to settle a last minute project, I was able to get some off days ' a week! My first thought was to pay a /surprise/">surprise visit to your town. I've made the hotel arrangements and flight tickets. It's a 3 hours flight. After touching down on the airport, I took a cab and straight to your office but not before getting your favorite Latte Double shot from the local coffee shop instead of flowers. With the cold weather nearing to Christmas Day, it was obvious that a coffee makes a better impact than icy cold frozen flowers as a surprise gift. The cooling weather was about only 7 degrees Celsius.

I still hold on to your business card when we first met at the seminar on my first day steadily pocket in my wallet. I took out to show it to the cab driver to take me to your office.

While in the cab traveling, I've looked back at our times together in the hotel and seminar. Where each of us just gotten out of a previous messy relationship. I was involved in an affair with a married woman which happened to be my ex-boss' wife. While you were in the process of divorcing your ex-husband that he is already married in the next town. We met unconditionally and an amazing thing happens between us, with mutual attraction and the difference that we can accept each other.

The cab finally reached the front office. I paid the cab driver and along with my luggage and the tumbler of Latte Double Shot, walked in to the office building. I approached the receptionist and asked for you. The receptionist asked who I am, I pretended that I had an appointment with you full hd xvideo download and requested you to come out to meet me. The receptionist asked me to take a seat while she called you out to the front area.

When you walked in to the front, still not noticing me, you asked the receptionist on who was it that was looking for you. You open the meeting room door and with a very shocking surprise, you saw me holding a cup of coffee and with a big broad smile on my face. You approached me fast and flung your body towards me with open arms. We kissed! It was a long breathless kissed. I was half hugging you and still holding the 2 cups of coffee in each of my hand (was keeping my hands warm). Your hands were around my neck. I tilted my back and you were like holding on to me ' hug kind of a way.

After the hug, your heels reached for the floor, still kissing, finally broke off from the kiss. You looked really happy to see me and vice verse. I knee down on one knee and presented you the Latte Double Shot. You smiled and laughed and took the coffee tumbler from me.

'How come you're here? I'm so happy and surprised to see you. The last time you mentioned to me was that you're in a middle of a last minute project and won't be able to see me until next year!' you finally spoke.

I replied 'well, I was doing the last minute project. And the project was a little troublesome but amazingly everything worked out well and the deal is complete! So, the second I got the leave approved, I went straight to see you!'

'So, where are you staying? You could have told me sooner, and then I'd fix a place for you. You'd know my place is still not ready yet. My folks are around and I don't think it's convenient to have you come over.' You explained.

'Don't worry about it love, I've already booked a room at the Regency hotel before my flight here. I was actually hoping that you could stay with me while I'm here for the weekend.' I assured you.

'In the meantime, are you finishing your work? I thought we could grab ourselves a dinner.' I asked.

You looked at your watch. It's already 10 minutes passed 6.You readily say 'Of course! Let me grab my coat and we can get out of here. There is a nice restaurant I've been meaning to bring you to. It has the best beef steak you've ever tasted'

I waited outside the office door with my luggage in another hand while waiting for you to grab your coat. And we left the building and onto your car parked nearby.

We enjoyed ourselves over dinner. The food was excellent as you were a good host of choosing the most delicious dishes in the restaurant. The red wine was excellent choice as well and the dessert in the end was fulfilling.

At the end of the dinner, the red wine already warmth our bodies and the touch of your hands already started to give me a tremendous hard on. I suggested that we head back to the hotel since I haven't checked in yet. And that the hotel had called me 30 minutes earlier to double confirm my reservations.

Back to the room, both of us lie down on the edge of the bed. We turn to face each other. I move forward to kiss your forehead; I place my hand on your face, pushed your fringe away from your face and slowly kissed your lips while holding the back of your neck and ear.

We sat up on the bed; you were feeling a little neck ache. I offered to give you a neck massage. I helped you take off your coat while taking off mine as well after that and have the coats lain on the chair.

You sat at the edge of the corner of the bed while I kneel on the bed behind you and gave you a shoulder massage, together with a neck and head massage. You tilted your head around when you feel the tense of your neck ache begins to subside. You let out a soft sigh and a moan at the same time. At that time, my cock twitched and turned hard. You loved my warm hands on your shoulders massaging your muscles.

My hands start to slowly move down towards your chest, you lean back as if fainted on my shoulders due to the relaxing massages. I unbutton your white blouse. I stretched my hands forward to feel your breast and you once again moan. I sunk my lips on your neck and shoulders, kissing and sucking your skin softly. I slowly remove your blouse, revealing your white lacy bra. I kiss on your neck and nibble your ear lobe. My cock is so turned on and horny that it's striding straight hard with a constant beating motion like a heart beat. It's getting so big that you can feel something hard poking the back of your waist. I unbuckle your bra and exposed your perky pointed nipples. My fingers touched your pointed nipples. I softly grab and massage your breast and softly pinch your hard pointed nipples. Your moaning arouses me more as I lean forward to kiss the front of your neck and shoulders and slowly reaching out to suck and lick your nipples. I cover your right nipples with a mouthful, sucking and licking while my right hand fondles your breast and clamping your /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples with my fingers.

You got up and removed your skirt revealing your white lacy panty. I was lying on my back with my elbow supporting the bed. I enjoy a good striptease that you just performed for me. You crawled back into the bed and unbutton my shirt, unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants. You pull my pants off. My cock was so hard that it was already like an Eiffel tower rising from my boxers. You ignored my rising /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock for the mean time and using your hands touching my stomach, slowly pushing my shirt off from my chest. You kissed my lips and our tongues twisted vigorously. You sat on top of me, pushing your butt against my hard cock. It feels as good as my cock tilted backwards against your buttocks.

Our kiss broke off and you swing your hair to the right, free porn movies download and lean downwards to kiss and lick my nipples. You're sucking, licking and kissing on my nipples felt so good. I moaned and grunted softly as you were grinding your teeth on my now hard pointed nipples as well.

I tilted my head to the back enjoying the feeling. My hands grabbing your head and shoulders, not wanting you to stop sucking and licking my nipples. I felt a wetness on my boxers as my cock has already begun to sweat its head with pre-cum. You too felt your clitoris harden and your pussy lips start to get moistly wet.

I wanted you to suck my cock so badly now, and you too wanted me to lick and finger your pussy so badly as well. Its like we're reading our minds and with automation, you turned around, and I pull my boxers down at the same time.

We're now in the 69 position. I pull down your panty and start to lick your clitoris and finger your pussy lips. I'm so delighted that you have a clean waxed hairless pussy, which arouses me more. The smooth hairless pussy is soft and smooth, they are so wet and warmly moist.

While you grab my hard cock and start to put it into your mouth almost all the way, licking from inside and giving my cock a sucking feeling. As the tantrum growth strong, yours sucking gets deeper and longer, giving me a sensation of penetration!! Moans get louder and wouldn't want it stop. While my hand massaging your ever welcoming hard nipples as though smiling and tangoing with my finger pinching hard. Buts this seems unable to satisfy your desire, you rollover and crawl on top of me and start to motion your body forth & back against my hard cock brushing it against the pussy lips and the cock can feel the moist of pussy signaling me for penetration.

Without hesitation I jerk myself up a little, pushing my hard cock tip into the pussy lips. There's no significant defense effort as the hard cock can feel the warm and moist deep 'tunnel' of your virginal. You let out a loud moan enjoying the penetration which encourages me to go further. You continued to ride me like a roaring cowgirl with boobs bouncing and waving at me and I grab and squeeze it hard to create a higher adrenaline burning feel that effect both of us moan together. You continued to ride and enjoy every movement. Without wanting to lose out in challenging you, I put my hand at your waistline and lifting you up revealed the hard cock of my and push u down and place u at the edge of the bed and now with me at standing positions spread your leg wide and penetrate deep in order for the tip of my cock reaches the inner tips of your pussy aka your G spot.

You signal me to push fast and harder and we both can feel the contraction of my hard cock brushing against your sensitive virginal wall… but with our tempo and readiness to go further, u crawl yourself up and I started to doggie you. You enjoyed it so much tilt your head and we kisses at the same time while I pump your hard!!! I can feel your pelvic is moving and grabbing my hard cock with every stroke of movement making your pussy tighter and /fighting/cock-fighting/">cock fighting with it at stronger strength and deeper fuck!!! At this junction your moaning is coming louder and louder with each stroke my cock penetration and this make me feel proud. When I was about to release I signal you of my withdrawal from your pussy but your pull me closer and hugging me tight not letting me off which resulted I shoots my cum in your virginal which I wanted to do the most!