Give me what Youve got

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Give me what Youve got

 I will always remember the day we made love. It was the coldest day I had ever experienced in August. The campus was empty, for it was the weekend. The dorm was quiet. There was nothing else to do but him.

I decided to call him up to see what he was doing. his reply was simply,"Watching this flick. Do you want to come down and watch it with me?" Being that we resided in the same co-ed dorm, I threw on a tight tank top which revealed my size 34c tits. I slid on my tight plaid pajama pants, which fit my ass just right. As I slipped on my Burks, I applied lip gloss to finish my "chill" look.

As I entered his room, I automatically became horny. The sounds of the moaning coming from the T.V. made me want to moan as well, so I did. He pulled me in for a small kiss which became a steamy /kissing/french-kiss/">french kiss. His tongue massaged every corner of my mouth. As we embraced I felt his manhood poke my pussy. I wanted him but, I knew I had to be cool for the sake of his virginity.

He gently showed me his intentions. He began to caress my ass in such a gentle way. I in return, began to xxx feel his dick. I could tell from the touch that he had it going on downstairs. As I walked towards his bed, I could feel myself getting soaking wet. I needed his dick inside of me.

He gave me a look as if to say,"You know whats up." At that moment, I took of my tank top and pants to reveal a matching black /thong/">thong and size 34c bra. He laid me down on his bed and removed my thong with his teeth. He buried his head in between my legs and began eating. He gently licked my clit as I begged him to continue. He inserted two fingers and used his finger as if it were a dick. I could take no more. I screamed out, "Baby I need it now!" He quickly pulled out two gold condom packages.

I thought to myself, "Hes got magnums!" He slid the condom on and inserted his manhood into my drenched walls, missionary position. He stroked it for a while to get used to the feeling of the pussy. After a while, I took over. I laid him down on his back and straddled him. I rode his dick like I was a jockey riding for the preakness. He began to scream my name. I changed positions. Face down and ass up is the way I like to fuck. I didnt even mind that freaky number 69.

I sucked his dick like I could be Superheads little /sister/">sister. There was nothing but tongue and lips. His moans just turned me on even more. I moved my tongue down to his balls. He nodded his head in approval. I kept going, I had a goal in sight. The taste of his precum excited me.

As I sped up, he came all over my face, tits, and porn videos download hair. It felt soo good. I licked as much of it as I could off of my lips and kissed him. He said,"Well done baby girl." I replied," I loved every moment of it...You gave me what you got and that was alot."